DECODE wahrnehmen/falschgeben

Austrian Cultural Forum, Prague 2023 

Jade für jede, Salz auf die Wunder, 123 Malerei, die Philosophie der Psychologie und noch

Exhibition view at Institut für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg, 2022

"Harvest", nylon, plastic,  ø300 cm, installation view Christine König Galerie, 2022

Installation view On equal terms, Uferhallen, Berlin 2022

Performance with Ivar van Urk

Salz auf die Wunder, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Berlin

Installation View 2020/21

Around the World in a Word

Each of these sculptures is a worldtravel from continent to continent. Golan turns into AngolaMali into LimaTokyo becomes Kyoto, Denver turns into VerdenAsien into Siena and Baku into Kuba according to which letter one starts reading with. 

Installation views: Vienna Danube Canal, 2020/21, Uferhallen, Berlin 2020, Tegel Airport TXL, Berlin 2022, Schloss Dueneck, Moorege, 2023


Installation at Kleiner Von Wiese, Berlin, 2020

Text/Music Performance "Climax Change" as Anger Ranger together with Ivar Van Urk on instruments

Due to corona the public watched and listened from outside the gallerywindows.


Installation at Uferhallen, Berlin, 2020 for the show "Manifest", curated by Isabelle Meiffert

go to 'Performance' to watch the opening performance conducted by Ivar Van Urk

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Installation at "Wiedererwachen", an outdoor show at Station Berlin, 2020 cur. by Semra Sevin

Painting/Music-Performance together with Ivar Van Urk

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I use landscape and language as elements of sculpture. Pictures are also rendered into sculptures that relate to the space around them in a dialogue of form and juxtaposing media.