On Air, groupshow with my Around The World In A Word - sculptures, Schloss Düneck, Moorege, until October 30, 2023, curated by Jan Kage and Evelyn Drewes Galerie

Neunordostsüdwest, Permanent installation with view, CMS Collection, Cologne, 2023

DECODE wahrnehmen/falschgeben

Österreichisches Kulturforum, Prag, 2023

All seasons greetings

heiß/kalt, 2022
heiß/kalt, 2022

Installation Views

Institut für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg

Sculpture, Installation, Art in Public Space, Painting, Drawing, Collage, Performance, Text are united.

"Harvest", nylon, plastic, ø 300 cm, and "Square the Circle (Revolution)", acrylic on linen, 100 x 100 cm at the group show "Summer of Love 55" to be seen until July 30 2022, installation view, Christine Koenig Galerie in Vienna


out now! (German language)


Salz auf die Wunder, 240 Seiten, 2022 erschienen bei starfruit publications, herausgegeben von Kai Erdmann und Institut für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg

mit einem Text von Jörg Heiser und einem mit Ivar van Urk aufgenommenen, als QR-Code integrierten Hörbuch


out now!

DENKEN, a drawing booklet, 42 pages, published by Salz Verlag 2021


Salz auf die Wunder

Galerie Kai Erdmann, Berlin

until January 26 2022



wood, paint, 220 x 150 x 89 cm, 2021

Shouting competition for "ins Freie" at Frankfurter Kunst und Sport Kasino, curated by Anette Gloser

Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt

The shouts were measured with a decibel meter and after being converted into meters marked on the ground.

Erfurter Mischung

The collected dust, soil and dirt of Erfurt´s churches, exhibition spaces, streets and fallows was used to make these aquarelles.

To be seen until July 31 at Kunsthaus Erfurt in the show "wise & walden"

tHEATer, a pop up show at Kleiner Von Wiese Gallery, Berlin, Dezember 2020

Ivar Van Urk and I held a music/text - performance at the opening (go to sculpture/installation to see more)


Around the world in a word


Created during the Covid19 quarantine each of these sculptures is a worldtravel leading from continent to continent by walking around it. One can travel from Golan to Angola, from Mali to Lima, Tokyo to Kyoto or Denver to Verden, Siena to Asien and Baku to Kuba according to which letter (s)he starts reading with. In between these geographical meanings abstract letter sequences pop up. It´s like  travelling through countries which language one can´t understand to  land in a zone of knowledge again just a letter later.


The sculptures can be seen at Summerstage in Vienna at the shore of the Donaukanal, Rossauer Lände 7 from June 2020 to March 2021. Curated by Thomas Draschan

Symphonie is a work developped for the show Manifest at Uferhallen, Berlin, curated by Isabelle Meiffert. Symphonie is a participative performance that focuses on the problematic situation of the studio complex Uferhallen for being sold to new owners. Symphonie is a large scale floor painting in the public/pivate space. Words, written in circles on the floor turn into other words. Repeated loud by the participants standing in the circles the switch from one meaning to the other finds it´s acoustic form. Conducted by Ivar Van Urk under corona conditions. The performance can be watched on vimeo. Go to performance: Symphonie




The word earth, written in a circle, turns into heart, the art, hear or into nonsense words like thear depending on which letter you start reading with. The "Ganging Gardens" are dripping down the walls. Pictures of landscapes, artificially attacked by color hang in between.

To be seen until January 11 at Koenig2, Vienna.

thear, a performance held together with the actor Philipp Hochmair took place on Nov 22 in the gallery


brand new interview by great Barbara Green on gallerytalk.net ... link in links


ja nein 2019


-Op Art goes figurative.

The cited practice of dripping paint is used as the basis for these pictures. The figures and forms follow the contours of color drips, while straight lines rattle the illusion.