Square The Circle: Architecture


Each painting stands for a house as I used the terms of the material, houses are built of. Some of them are One-word-poems like "WOOD", "CLAY", "SAND",  "HOLZ" or "LEHM", others combine different materials as GLAS, SAND, BETON, GRANIT, MARMOR, STAHL,... Each of them measures 1 x 1 m as architecture is traded in square meters. Acrylic on canvas, 2023

-Tourette´s syndrome in 2D. Advertising slogans are turned into storms of expletives.

-Constant repetition of a single word creates visual stuttering and accidental verbal inventions, such as "earthearth". In my early work I used stamps instead of brushes to make pieces that mix text and image, works that can be "read" with two different, interplaying cognitive modes.